Tire Storage Agreement

Both parties agree that this agreement is the full agreement and that no other agreement affects this agreement. Customers must not deliver tires directly to Okanagan Tire Storage. The customer accepts that the customer does not have access to Okanagan Tire Storage`s storage facilities and that Okanagan Tire Storage has the right to refuse all of the customer`s tires that Okanagan Tire Storage believes are not suitable for storage or delivery. Okanagan Tire Storage is not responsible for the services or products provided by the customer`s distributor. These services and products are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer is solely responsible for the disposal of all tires and the customer undertakes to do so in accordance with all applicable laws. If Okanagan Tire Storage, after the services have no longer been requested by the customer, has the customer`s tires or must charge the customer an additional fee, the customer authorizes Okanagan Tire Storage to charge the customer`s credit and/or debit card and to make the customer otherwise responsible for the cost of this transaction, plus $100.00. Colorado Tire Storage offers the collection, storage and subsequent delivery of the customer`s tires or what is presented by the customer`s tire supplier on the Denver Metro Marketplace against a seasonal storage fee as the customer`s tires. A minimum storage fee is levied for at least 7 months. Colorado Tire Storage progat no part of a month or season during which storage is not used. Colorado Tire Storage is committed to delivering the customer`s tires within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving a properly completed delivery request. If Colorado Tire Storage damages or loses the customer`s tires and or wheels, Colorado Tire Storage repairs or replaces the customer`s tires and/or wheels with a similar property that matches or is greater than the value of the customer`s tires and wheels at the time of the loss at his or her expense and discretion.

This agreement contains the parties` full understanding of the purpose of this agreement and replaces all pre-written or oral negotiations and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. Before resolving disputes arising from this Agreement, the Client undertakes to arbitrate and/or resolve this dispute through a mutually agreed dispute resolution program. By agreeing to submit litigation arising from this agreement, the client agrees that no litigation prior to the exhaustion of informal appeal procedures is submitted directly to the Colorado Tire Storage arbitration. The client also understands that the arbitrator`s decision is legally binding on all parties involved in the dispute. You have a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to access, view and use individual search only for your personal use. A “look up data,” data attributed to a given vehicle, usually described by brand, model and year, or, in some cases, data associated with a tyre size or wheel size, or a particular tyre line or wheel line inside a tire or wheel brand. The Schwabs will retain the following customer property (“Property”) for a six-month storage period, from the fall to the spring (November to April) or from the fall to the fall (May to October). The customer`s tyres and wheels included in this program are lightweight tires and light tires with a diameter of no more than 35 inches. If part of this agreement is cancelled, the rest of the contract remains valid and unchanged – The customer acknowledges that the customer`s tires could be damaged before being received by Okanagan Tire Storage and Okanagan Tire Storage is not liable for such damage. Okanagan Tire Storage is not responsible for the normal wear or aging of tires that may occur during the performance of services on the customer`s tires.

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